My Most Important Projects and Skills

List of Interesting Projects

  • For an Indian automotive tier-2 and its customers, I architected and developed an HMI platform for in-vehicle infotainment systems using QML and Qt. The platform speeds up and simplifies the development of typical apps like Radio, Media, Phone and Climate and eventually of third-party apps. One technical challenge was that the HMI had to adapt to different screen resolutions, where the smallest resolution implied a structurally totally different HMI. I present a solution for QML HMIs in my two posts Responsive QML HMIs with Scaling and Responsive QML HMIs with File Selectors.

    In parallel, I ramped up a team of 50 developers in India and got the team working self-dependently within six months using Scrum. In my post Offshoring Must be About Finding Good Developers, I explain how to develop high-quality products using offshoring at roughly the same costs as at the moment. My post What Makes a Developer Truly Professional elaborates how really good developers – a.k.a. software craftsmen – go about software development.

  • Designed, architected and developed large parts of the driver terminal of Krone’s BiGX forage harvester running on a Freescale i.Mx53 SoC with an embedded Linux system – using QML, Qt and C++. See my English translation of this German press release for a detailed project description.

    I gave talks about the technical challenges solved in the project at Qt Developer Days 2013 and 2014. The talks cover topics like key navigation, dynamic change between languages, between day and night mode and between metric and imperial units, and multi-threaded architectures – all with QML and Qt/C++.

  • Brought up Qt on various chipsets (e.g., Freescale i.Mx27/51/53/6x, Nvidia Tegra 2, ST Microelectronics STi7108, Intel Sodaville, Broadcom 7405) for customers from the automotive, home-appliance, STB/TV, IP-comms and agricultural segment and wrote proof-of-concept applications for these customers.
  • Migrated a complete IDE for Bluetooth and Zigbee development from Qt3 to Qt4, ported the IDE to Qt’s new Interview architecture and streamlined the code. See the press release at Cambridge Consultants for more details.
  • Specified, designed and developed the user interface of a wide-area wireless VoIP handset (Qt, Qtopia, Linux, Freescale i.MX27) including call, sound, Bluetooth and Wifi management. See the press release at Business Wire for more details.
  • Developed the user interface of an extremely low-power and low-cost Internet radio reference platform   and integrated the UI with the vTuner online database of Internet radio stations. See the blog post at Engadget for more details.
  • Wrote requirements and test specifications for IP-based protocols to control traffic signs deployed along British highways. Also wrote Wireshark dissectors to analyse the proprietary IP protocols.
  • Implemented a tool for debugging the traffic between the communication module and the index of a smart gas meter – using wxWidgets and Python.